Getting Ready!

The cook shack has been assembled. Bean Soup is being prepared. Circus tents are up. The vendors and tractors are loading in. We are looking forward to a great event! Don’t forget to attend Saturday and Sunday! 



Looking for People to Sign Up for Tractor Runs

Did you participate in the tractor runs last year at the Gera Old Tractor Days?

What are tractor runs you might ask?  Basically, this is an opportunity to showcase our antique tractors.  Our crowd loves to hear these tractors run, watch them move, and smell the fuel in the air.  The tractor show should be an immersion for all the senses and seeing the tractors parked and lined up doesn’t do these great machines justice. So, we take the opportunity of the lulls in the tractor pulls to have our antiques drive down the lane between the crowd and the pulling track while our announcer gives the crowd some of the history behind the tractor.

The crowd gets to see your tractor drive, hear it’s engine, and also learn some interesting facts (supplied by you). Afterwards, our drivers often hang around the end of the lane to field any questions from people. Getting involved with this is easy. When you drop off your tractor, make sure to register!  At registration, they will ask you if you are interested and there is a form to fill out and choose which times you want to make your run or runs. 

We can’t wait to see you at the show and are looking forward to educating our visitors again this year during the tractor runs!


A few club members showing off their equipment during the tractor runs at last year’s show

Sponsors Needed for the Truck & Tractor Pulls

We are still looking for sponsors for our truck and tractor pulls. This is a great event and we need the help of our community to make it a success. Please review our sponsorship benefits and consider if you would like to make a donation.

You can download the Sponsorship Benefits and the Sponsorship Receipt Paperwork if you need to bring this to someone for approval.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


075                        032


The Gera Old Tractor Club has an exciting opportunity to showcase your business in our local community. Our annual tractor show draws large crowds of spectators for tractor pulls that take place on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, the show starts with antique pulls followed by garden tractor pulls. On Sunday, the show features bar stool racers followed by very exciting Modified and Super Modified tractor pulls in addition to truck pulls. The Gera Old Tractor Club works with a number of pulling organizations across the state to bring this exciting event to our local community. The Thumb Tractor Pulling Association ( is the group that we bring in on Sunday. These pulls involve a number of classes that pay out to the top 4 – 10 places. There is a considerable expense to the club to bring in this level of tractor pull. The community has loved this event for the last 14 years and we have been blessed enough to continue to grow and thrive with the support of businesses like yours. We would ask that you help us by sponsoring our tractor pulls at any donation level.

For your sponsorship, you can expect the following:

1) You can hang any signs or other advertising on our show grounds during the course of the event (including Friday during the auction).

2) You can pass out any promotional materials during the show, or our club will distribute any brochures or pamphlets you may have to our guests.

3) Would you be interested in a display booth on our grounds? We can accommodate you for no charge, but please let us know how much space you require.

4) We will advertise your business on our club website ( In addition, if you would like to write articles about your products or services to post on our website, we would gladly accept them throughout the year. Please email them to:

5) We will post your name at the showgrounds on our “Thank You” Sign Board.

6) We will post our 2014 sponsors’ names on next’ year’s calendar.

7) We will provide 2 of our calendars to you for your use or distribution to your customers. (Retail Value $8)

8) We would gladly provide you with 2 free passes for our show on Saturday & Sunday.

Thank YOU for your sponsorship. We appreciate and value our sponsors. Without you, this fun community event would not be possible. On behalf of our members and the many guests at our show, we thank you for your support.


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Road Clean Up and Meeting April 22nd

The meeting from last week was postponed due to inclement weather.  The club will meet at Reinbold’s for road clean up followed by a regular meeting at Gera Tavern at 7pm. Pizza will be served for the cleanup crew. Hope to see everyone there!!

Come Join us on February 25th at Gera Bar

Whether you haven’t attended a meeting in a while, are brand new to our group, are from near or far, we invite you to join us for an open membership meeting on February 25th at Gera Tavern at 7pm.

The club will provide pizza and a preview of plans for our 2014 Tractor Show coming up on 6/21 and 6/22. 

Here’s some information about the Gera Old Tractor Days club:

  • NO membership fees or requirements!
  • Low commitment – High amounts of fun!
  • We have one tractor show per year, in June. It takes a lot of work to put it on and we are always looking for volunteers, vendors, exhibitors, and sponsors.  This event is popular in our community, low cost and a great time.
  • We have an annual club Christmas party in December. We talk tractors, take a tractor quiz, have a great meal and enjoy each other’s company.
  • We meet monthly at a local bar/restaurant or at members homes. We talk about plans to be made for the show, tractors members are working on, share info about auctions and drink a few beers.
  • Our meetings are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, usually at 6:30pm.
  • Our club welcomes members of ALL ages and we have both male and female members.

So, how do you join the tractor club?  It is SO easy, just come to meetings!  We would love to have you get involved with our group. 


Sunday events starting

The Mid Michigan Madmen bar stool races just ended but you are not too late for the modified tractor pulls today as well as bean soup, 100 antique tractors, vendors, chainsaw art, kiddie pulls and educational tractor runs and water and corn husking displays. The weather is beautiful! Come to the tractor show 5 miles north of Frankenmuth and stay for the pulls



Thank you sponsors!


Thank you to all the sponsors who have made the pulls possible. We’ll post links and details about our sponsors this week. Check back to learn about the generous sponsors who make our show possible each year

Educating kids about how we got water

Check out this cool display for kids. Teaches a younger generation about how we got water before you could just turn the tap on. Bring your kids out to learn how gramma & grampa got water.


2013 Gera Tractor Show is underway

If you aren’t already here, what are you waiting for?  Here’s the scene from my vantage point at the kiddie pulls.


Get Involved!–Tractor Show Runs Start Saturday at the Gera Old Tractor Days

We al have our own reasons as to why we love our old tractors.  It may be meories, history, the raw power of a machine molding the earth, or just owning something old and making it still run. 

Our visitors come because they think old tractors might be something neat. But they seldom know why. . . They have never heard the distinctive sound a tractor makes.  They haven’t seen the beauty of a working or moving tractor.  They don’t know of the many lugs, attachments, or PTO assemblies.  They need to know how and where a tractor was used.  Why is it different from other tractors?  What makes yours unique?  Oh yes, and how old is it?  Who owns it?  Does it still work?  Is that the correct color that it was painted?

It is one thing to just park our tractors in a ine and put a sign on them of how old it is and who owns it.  But to our visitors, it just isn’t interesting enough.  We want our visitors to HEAR how each tractor sounds and see it move (run).  We want an announcer to describe each running tractor to our visitors.

Therefore, we will have a series of TRACTOR RUNS at our tractor show during the Gera Old Tractor Days.  Our run lane will be from west to east in the lane between the fence in front of the bleachers and the cement barriers of the pull track.  Each run will consist of 8 – 10 tractors that will go one at a time down the lane in low gear to let the visitors HEAR how it sounds. It will then stop in front of the bleachers and idle while the announcer describes it.  After which th tractor is driven down the lane and back to its parking space while the next tractor in the run comes down the lane.  This will continue until all the tractors in that run are through. After which the visitors can go over to see their favorites and talk to the owner.

There will be 8 runs at this show.  Saturday at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.  Also, Sunday at 11am, 1pm, 2pm and 4pm. You may enter a tractor into as many runs as you wish, or you may enter a different tractor in each run.  Please be there if you have signed up for a run.

Each tractor must have an information sheet filled out and given to the announcer before a tractor is allowed into the run event. 

To register for a tractor run, please see a member of the Gera Old Tractor Days at the registration booth at the tractor show.  We look forward to seeing you there and hope that our exhibitors and visitors like the tractor runs this year.  Let us know what you think of this new show feature in the comments. 


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